Mike Process Master

What are its tasks?

Mike identifies and reports empty spaces on shelves and eventual shelf layout problems in relation to planograms. It helps optimising distributive process in stores, collecting internal information about logistics, dialoguing with the managing systems within the point of sale. It sends real-time information by interacting with the store managers and the department assistants.

How does Mike work?

Once he’s being assigned to a specific objective and working plan, Mike is able to manage and autonomously optimise his path inside the point of sale. If he encounters an obstacle or a crowded aisle, Mike modifies its route and reschedules itself to complete its task.

With whom does it cooperate?

Mike works in synergy with the store personnel, supporting them in auditing shelves. Having an operational potential to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, can significantly boost the starting and closing operations of a point of sale and the intraday checks.

How does it move inside the store?

Mike is equipped with advanced sensors that allow it to recognize the surrounding environment and move in complete freedom. Throughout its missions, it can detect moving people and/or objects, avoid them and recalculate the best path to complete its work.

Next steps

Internationalising Mike Process Master

Mike has world-class potential that we want to take advantage of. For this purpose, inter alia, we are evaluating the steps and modes to list MyAv on a regulated market.

“Customer oriented” Robototem

MyAv intends to develop a “customer oriented” robotic version, also capitalising on the experience acquired through the Futura Point Totem.

Licences and application developments

MyAv has full availability of an heritage of Patents and technological know-how from the “scientific incubator” Centro Studi, both for the possible development of related products and services and for potential collaborations and future projects that require the effective ownership.