Disinfection UV-C

Key Benefits


Effective and efficient sanitising  system for your store

Following strictly health and safety guidelines, Mike sanitising system produces strong and specific UV-C lights to irradiate all the displaying areas, implementing the most efficient function to kill germs.


Smooth integration and cost effective

AUV-C system can be easily installed on the robotic part and, ensuring the same level of disinfection, thanks to an integrated technology you will invest only 1/10 compared to other robotic solutions.


Keep your customers and workers safe

AI Mike Process Master autonomously activates AUV-C system without any human intervention. Therefore customers and workers do not run the risk to be exposed to irradiation in the store.

Keep customers and workers safe from viruses and bacteria with an effective and efficient sanitising system


How AUV-C system by Mike process master works:

Collecting data during the daytime

Data are used overnight so that MIKE can assess the level UV-C irradiation according to the required sanitation, eventually adjustable, and the specific characteristics of the displaying areas.

Mike gets autonomously activated overnight

During the night when the store is closed and no customers are there, MIKE sanitises all the displaying areas.

Sanitising with UV-C light

Its strong and specific UV-C irradiation is suitable for sanitising areas where food is stored. As it does not use gas, ventilation is not required afterwards.

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