Out of Stock

Key Benefits


Give value to your
Out-of-Stock products

Mike Process Master® adds value to your supply chain by integrating information with precise indication of “where” product voids are happening.


Enhance your customers’ perception of store shelves

Make sure the experience you offer always lives up to expectation, with products that are always available on shelves, in the right place and at the right time.


Support marketing and operations in your store

Mike Process Master allows you to acquire data in real-time to powerfully support Buyer, Category and Marketing Managers in their activities, as well as sales assistants during their operations on the floor thanks to specific alerts.

Satisfy your customers

When consumers cannot find the product they are looking for on
the shelves, in 37% of cases they change brand, and in 21% of
cases they change store. In 9% of cases, they do not make any purchase.

Source: ECR Europe


Give value to out-of-stock


real-time product availability in stores


real-time status of aisles, and alerting staff when anomalies arise


data and insights to enhance the store reordering process and the relationship with the Supply Chain


which products will be purchased most, when and “where”.

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