Our Story

From Process Development to Technology Retail Innovation

MyAv was created by the Orizzonti Holding Group with the aim of giving value and enhancing patent know-how and process development technologies devised within the Group at its own research and development center (Centro Studi).

Operating in the South of Italy, its goals and Vision have had an international approach since the very beginning.

Recent developments confirm the ability of MyAv to create high-tech products that, if appropriately incorporated into the company’s operational process, are destined to revolutionize the field of “brick and mortar” organized consumer goods distribution, not only in Italy but on the international stage.

Futura Point, the first interactive totem at Futura stores is here

Futura Point witnessed the first MyAv field test of artificial intelligence.

It’s an interactive totem that was introduced at the beginning of 2014, in the process of communication and interaction at Futura stores to provide customers with information and relevant services.

Futura Point customers interact with sales personnel (represented by an “avatar” on the totem) and, thanks to this interaction, contribute to enriching the system’s artificial intelligence, by providing useful references about their shopping behavior and needs.

Concept Robototem®

During 2015 MyAv’s tests moved towards a mobile version of the totem. A Robototem® concept was born: a robotic solution that could move autonomously inside the store, able to learn and help to enhance logistics, distribution, marketing and communication business processes.
The Robototem® concept can be developed to interact both with store employees and consumers.
MyAv chose to prfioritize the version that interacts with store employees to optimize the logistics and distribution process of the store.

A test with Cariolino a.k.a Cario

The first test of Robototem happened with Cariolino, a “totem” on two wheels that marked the beginning of research studies on shelf-analysis software.

Cario Prototype

The trials moved towards two further directions of technological development: robotics and computer vision.
MyAv succeeded in enriching its know-how and expertise in the robotics field, progressively upgrading the system with on-going field trial advances.
At the end of 2016, Cario the first “homemade” robotic solution, was born. Cario is self-driving and equipped with scanning software that can acquire shelve images and begin to analyze them.
These developments made it possible to strengthen or build scientific collaborations, especially at university level that were necessary for further development.

June 2017
Voyage of discovery in the USA

Halfway through 2017, MyAv organized a journey of discovery to the USA to get to know the robotic systems developed by international competitors, with a special focus on systems relating to the retail field. The information acquired about the current state of art demonstrated that retail giants were also performing trials. The information and the relationships established made it also possible to evaluate the best hardware and software solutions for effective development.

September 2017
World-class collaborations

In September 2017, MyAv could reap the rewards of previous tests by taking advantage of world-class technology and partnerships in the robotics field.

Mike Process Master came to life

January 2018

Mike Process Master has been operative since 28 January 2018 along the aisles of IperFutura, Potenza, and in other points of sale of the MaxiFutura network.


Mike Process Master successfully passes the operational testing in the points of sale of a primary Italian retailer, independent from the OH Group and highly qualified in the process development.

Mike S is born:

Mike’s evolution with increased sensoriality.