Mike Process Master® 
in the IperFutura store, Potenza

Mike Process Master®  was introduced into the normal running of Iperfutura, Potenza, to survey the situation on the shelves daily and speed up the times for solving the problems encountered, in order to make the operational processes in the point of sale more dynamic and efficient and improve customer experience.

Introduction into IperFutura 

Since 28 January 2018, the Mike Process Master® solution has been active at the IperFutura store, Potenza. For the first time in Europe a retail Robot has been operative in normal opening hours in a mass retailing point of sale.

Mike navigates autonomously in the point of sale, gathering information about the conformity of the planogram, discovering any out-of-stock anomalies and display problems. Thanks to an artificial intelligence motor, anomalous situations are spotted, catalogued and reported to the store’s operators in real time by means of a mobile app, so that they can deal with the problem rapidly.

The data gathered and the analysis made are also recorded on a dashboard, which can be accessed by operators of the central office, with appropriate profiling.

Thanks to the data provided by Mike, those responsible for the product-service can act in a timely fashion to optimise the logistical-distributive processes and therefore influence the improvement of the service.

In addition, the information recorded on the dashboard makes it possible to support more effective strategic choices in category management activity and to rapidly verify its effects in the store.

How has the innovation been seen by IperFutura customers?

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