A Robot among the shelves

Who’s Mike?

His full name is Mike Process Master and he’s a high-tech robotic solution developed by MyAv and entirely fincanced by the Orizzonti Holding Group. Mike combines robotics, computer vision, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things to contribute to Retail Process Improvement.

Mike is an executive process assistant that moves autonomously and works in synergy with the store shelf stockers, with the purpose of improving the customer service.

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Act Local, Think Global

MyAv is an innovative start-up born in Italy and controlled by Orizzonti Holding, a societary group with a core business in the field of organised distribution of foodstuffs and consumer goods in the Southern Italian Tyrrhenian zone.

MyAv operates as system integrator, realizing highly state-of-the-art softwares and computer systems, aimed at improving the retail process development.

The MyAv systems, initially tested and used at the Orizzonti Holding Group’s points of sale, are acquiring such an elevated technological strength that they have convinced the Company to evaluate strategic and commercial partnerships, to assure an international approach to the initiative.

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Core Competencies

The research scenario underlying MyAv‘s software and computer systems application development aims at creating synergy and interactivity between human and artificial intelligence, to make business processes more efficient and effective.


Computer Vision

Developing algorithms able to process information through images.


“MyAv Robotics”

High technology seen as a support to humans, without ever replacing them.


Artificial Intelligence

Computerised self-education to constantly improve the understanding and development of processes.


Process Development

A methodology designed to increase the ability to create value.